The Walking Dead – Thoughts on the Last Night’s Events

Last nights episode was amazing but the truly incredible part was what happened, to who and what it looked like.

This post contains spoilers so don’t continue if you don’t want to know anything.

Still here? Great.

I called Abraham as the guy who was going to take it. In fact I said it right at the end of last season. I just knew it was his time to go since he was basically on borrowed time if you know the comics. He went out like the defiant champ that he is uttering a final “Suck my nuts” as his final words to Negan. Truly an iconic and perfect moment for Abraham. What followed was a continuous and highly violent bashing in of his skull repeatedly by Negan who seemed to be having the time of his life. Jeffrey Dean Morgan really shines and relishes this role and it shows as his performance is something to behold.

I honestly felt a sense of relief when Abraham was taken out – but that sense of relief was quickly destroyed when he turned his attention to another member of the team after an outburst by Darryl. That unfortunate victim was the much beloved Glenn. The show literally lifted the scene from the comics and poor Glenn had his head smashed in and Negan starts having a little fun at the expense of our friend Glenn. In true Glenn fashion, he looks to Maggie and utters one last line as she’s the only thing on his mind “Maggie, I will find you.” Negan then has more fun at the expense of our survivors and then proceeds to bash him in over.. and over .. and over into a twitchy mess of pasted brains and bone.

This series of events will forever change the course of the show as we move ever closer to being in line with the comic series. The show left me with a sense of happy sadness. Happy that they didn’t cop out and do the easy thing. Happy that we’re going to see some truly incredible TV but sad at the loss of 2 great characters. Sad that such a great and lovable character in Glenn is gone.




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