Love is Blind Review

We’ve all heard the expression “Love is Blind” somewhere at some point in their lives and Netflix’s new series Love is Blind is asking that question and actually putting it to the test in a new experimental reality series.

The premise is very simple. They take a handful of single men and women and puts them into “dating pods” where they meet a member of the opposite sex and let them communicate without seeing the other person. All that separates them is a wall with a decorative wall piece. During their dates, they’re to decide if they feel a real connection and if so, they ask the other person to marry them. 4 weeks later they’re to be wed. It’s an interesting concept and idea they’re trying to touch on here but ultimately the series fell a bit flat for me. Here’s why.

Love is Blind is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey but I don’t really know why. Their presence wasn’t necessary It really didn’t feel like they were that necessary. I think they had a collective total of about 10 minutes on screen across 10 episodes. The way the show was edited, they likely would have been better off just taking the route that they went with The Circle. A simple voice over would have sufficed. They also could have had a final reunion episode where we get to see all the couples. Find out where they are, if they remained married if they broke up. That’s when we need a proper host.

I realize people can be very superficial and that’s kinda what the series is telling you by taking complete strangers and seeing if they can fall in love with someone sight unseen. It’s expected and the reactions of many of the contestants on the show is very telling that they were half expecting something else when they finally meet. They literally brought in pretty people. Where are those stereotypical nerds, overweight people, slightly unconventional people. Sure it’s easy to fall for someone’s personality but once you actually see them, are you able to remain with them? I don’t think they answered the question Is Love Blind at all despite the fact that some people did actually go through with their weddings.

Where’s the drama? Let’s be real here. When you think about the show premise, you assume there’s going to be some real drama right? Maybe 2 girls have their eyes set on the same guy? Or maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe there was some drama behind the scenes they they opted to cut out. That’s not to say there isn’t any drama but I can’t shake the feeling that perhaps some spicier moments fell to the cutting room floor.

Speaking of cutting things out. Whatever you do, during episode 1, as soon as the screen cuts to black hit that stop button and hit it hard. The “Coming up this season” trailer for the remainder of the episodes is chock full of spoilers. So if you’d like to save the surprises for yourself, keep that in mind.

Love is Blind is an interesting idea and concept but in the end I feel it failed in trying to deliver what they had hoped for. Perhaps they’ll rethink some of their approaches to the show. I hope they make the season longer to actually dedicate more time to seeing the relationships between these contestants blossom. It felt way to rushed to get them to finally meet and plan their weddings. I’d also like to see a bit more diversity in the kinds of personalities/appearances. Give other people a shot they don’t all have to be the beautiful people.

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