Extraction – Review

Netflix’s new action film Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth as a mercenary for hire, Tyler Rake who has recently suffered a tragic loss in the death of his young son. Extraction is produced by Marvel alum Russo brothers and was directed by long time Marvel stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave.

Tyler is hired by the right hand man of India’s biggest drug lord, to retrieve his boss’s son Ovy who was kidnapped by a rival cartel. As is customary, things don’t necessarily go as planned and now Tyler is not only up against 1 cartel but also the one who hired him and a corrupt police force.

Extraction is an extremely gritty and violent action film that makes absolutely no apologies. The fight sequences are some of the best you’ve likely seen and the action is edge of your seat exciting. Given the nature of who directed it that should come as no surprise. I struggle deciding which scene was my favorite but the the chaos that ensues when Tyler meets Ovy’s captors is incredibly well done leaving me with moments of audibly saying “OHHHH!” multiple times as well as the chase sequence that follows shortly after which involved a 12 minute long single take car chase followed by a hand to hand battle that makes the viewer almost feel as if they were watching footage captured by a journalist that was actually embedded in the moment. It was without a doubt a breath taking experience.

Hemsworth’s broken mercenary is one of those characters that I think people are really going to like an cheer for. He may feel like he has nothing to lose so he has little care for his own safety but he’s careful in his actions taking care not to harm innocent people. There’s a few moments that showcase this. Ovy was well played by Rudraksh Jaiswal. He’s just a kid caught up in this crazy mess and while he’s not trusting of Tyler at first, the bond between them strengthens and his appreciation of Tyler becomes apparent. Even the bad guys were great. I hated them. Especially that one greasy bastard who does something unthinkable that will have audiences gasp in horror.

While this movie is a direct to small screen release it feels like it belongs on the big screen. If watching a high octane adrenaline filled action movie is something you enjoy, then turn down the lights and turn up the volume and enjoy the ride. Extraction is sure to be a success.

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