American Horror Story S6E8 – Best Episode in This Season so far

I’m not going to lie American Horror Story Season 6 hasn’t really kept my interest or wowed me this season. That is until Episode 8. The episode was scary, disturbing and all round excellent this week.

I’m still a little lost with where the season is going this time round, I am also still really pissed that Evan Peters got killed off so quickly. But I have to admit episode 8 really wowed me this week and the AHS cast were amazing. Dominic and Shelby were still stuck in the upstairs bedroom, looking out at the butcher’s angry mob gathering outside the front door. They try to exit the house through the basement but then came the Grudge-like girl crawling  high-speed across the walls (the Chen’s).

Back at the Polk house, Lee is getting her flesh sliced from her body and trying to convince one of the sons to let her go. She makes a video message for her daughter flora admitting to killing her daddy… I did not see that one coming wow!

Back at the house Shelby and Dominic are in the bathroom and Shelby is obviously starting to lose her mind when she starts giggling saying “We are right back where we started”. Shelby can’t take the pain of beating her husband’s head in so she slashes her own throat right there on the bathroom floor.

Back at the Polk household Lee is seducing one of the Polk boys as to make her escape which she does by choking him out. GO LEE!  Meanwhile in another room two other Polk boys are messing with Monea and Audrey. One of the boys tried to take Monea’s teeth out but in doing so breaks the pliers and the chair. She makes a swift get away while she can, leaving Audrey to deal with the hilly billy family alone… Until Lee saves the day. Audrey decides to take a hammer to mama Polk’s head, but I mean come on who wouldn’t?

Audrey and Lee get back to the house to find Matt and Shelby both dead to which they blame Dominic for their deaths. That’s when the Mr. Piggy shows up and the two woman lock Dominic out of the safety of the bedroom to get slashed to ribbons by piggy man.

Soon enough it’s daylight outside but lee talks Audrey into going back to the Polk’s for the video tape… are they f**king insane! They’ve barely opened the door when Mr. Piggy shows up. Except he’s actually just Wes Bentley, he played the Butcher’s son in My Roanoke Nightmare.

It was an amazing episode to say the least and I cant wait for next weeks installment.




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