Shut In Horror movie official trailer

Shut in – official trailer available now, The All new upcoming horror/thriller will be released 11th of November 2016 in the USA. Unfortunately the Movie wont be released in the EU till 15th, 16th & 17th on November.

Movie details/story line:

Shut in movie starring Naomi Watts as a reclusive child psychologist who must save a boy during a deadly winter. Who can’t move or speak since the accident.

She takes in a troubled young boy as her foster son who was caught in a deadly winter storm. They live in an isolated existence in rural New England. Mary balances her work as a child with taking care of her son.

Shut in



Watching the trailer:

The opening to the trailer has set a amazing tone for what’s to come. Hopefully the full movie is as good as the trailer shown below.


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