Xbox Series S Leaked and Shortly After, Confirmed with Date

Apparently I went to bed too early last night as I missed the details when they first leaked showing the first image and details about the long rumored Xbox Series S by Thurott late last night.

Shortly thereafter Xbox confirmed the rumor as being true and gave us a trailer for the new system. Shortly after that they re-released the trailer with the date of November 10th for the release of the Series S.

They’ve also given us some details about the upcoming Series S.

The console will be all-digital (no disc drive) and run at 1440P up to 120FPS and feature Raytracing, variable-rate shading, variable refresh rate, a custom 512GB SSD, 4K streaming media playback, and upscaling to 4K as well – all for $299 USD or $379.99 CAD.

I have to be honest I think this is an extremely aggressive and reasonable price point to bring people into the Xbox ecosystem. It’s a great gateway for both casual and the more invested gamer to jump into the Xbox brand at a low cost. Even those who want to play Xbox exclusive titles can now with great results on the Series S with Gamepass. 

Further to the above I’ve found a comparison sheet. 

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