About the Team

Hey everyone. Thanks for stopping in to check us out.

Currently we have a very small team and are in the process of building it and are currently looking for people who are passionate about games and technology. If interested, please feel free to contact us at

Kaneda Gallon is our main guy and the owner of PixelCereal. With almost 30 years (yea we know he’s bloody old) he brings brings a passion for videogames the fiery heat of 1000 suns. He is the breaker of controllers and can be found playing all manners of games from the most obscure to the most outplayed annual franchise releases. You can find him most frequently on XBox as Kaneda Gallon and on PSN as Kaneda_Gallon or twitter . Go ahead and say hello to him. He won’t bite… well he might but probably not. You can also reach him via email: