Xbox One S Now Available – It’s 40% smaller, has HDR and 4K video

Well, August 2nd has been a BIG day for Microsoft.  In addition to the biggest update yet to Windows 10, they also launched the Xbox One S 2TB edition today for $399. Certainly it is the one that new Xbox One adopters should shell out their hard-earned cash for, but is it worthy of a purchase for existing Xbox One owners?  Let’s take a brief look and decide…

First off, the 2TB edition is the only one available today (8.2.16) but smaller hard drive options are forthcoming for cash-strapped buyers.  The 500GB sku retails for $299 and comes with The Halo Collection, and a 1TB sku retails for $349 and ships with Madden NFL 17 – as of press time, neither have a release date yet. Interestingly, the 2TB $399 bundle does not come bundled with any games.

Gamestop Trade-In Values as of 8.2.16 subject to change

Gamestop Trade-In Values as of 8.2.16 subject to change

Luckily, existing Xbox One owners have some great trade offers from retailers like Gamestop  – who is offering $150 for Xbox One trade-ins.  So is it worth making a run to the local mall to upgrade to the more fit and svelte One S?

Well, it all depends on how prepared you are to take advantage of the newest features.  The two newest and most publicized features – HDR and 4K BluRay video are great, but if you don’t have a 4K TV and one that also supports HDR (bummer alert: Dolby Vision is NOT supported at press time!) then you probably don’t need to upgrade unless you live in a VERY small apartment.  While the bluetooth support is a nice bonus and the textured grips of the newly-designed S controller are very comfortable, my personal opinion is that neither is a big enough reason to spend the $250 after trade-in, unless you are dying to get a white Xbox One S  (Ed: which, admittedly looks pretty sweet!)

After all, you can just spend a little money and get the new controller – or even better – a custom-made one from the design lab!

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