Xbox Brings the Heat with Pricing Details, Pre-Orders and Changes to GamePass

What a week it’s been already. First, we had news of the long rumored Series S was no longer a rumor with a release date and insane price, but then we wake up today to get a whole lot more information regarding the next gen console launch plans for Xbox. Hold on to your seats because it’s a doozy.

Ok ready? Here’s the rundown.

Xbox Series S and Series X are launching on November 10th for a retail price of $379.99 and $599.99 CAD. On top of that They’ve made a small adjustment to Xbox Game Pass… Now with Ultimate, you’ll not only get everything that was there before but EA Play, formerly known as EA Access, included at no charge. The didn’t stop there though. They also announced that Xbox All Access would be coming to 12 new countries this holiday season including Canada via Ebgames. Xbox All Access, for those unfamiliar is the option to finance the new system with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (including EA Play) for a 2yr fixed term. No firm price has been announced for Canada but the price in the US is set to come in at $24.99 USD for the Series S and $34.99 for the Series X and NO UP FRONT COST and 0% interest.

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