Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review

It’s been a bit more than a year since we were first introduced to the quirky superheros known as The Umbrella Academy. If you’ve yet to watch season 1, I strongly urge you to jump in. You won’t be disappointed. Minor spoilers ahead.

Season 2 starts off right where we left things at the end of season 1 finale, Vanya has gone Coo-coo for cocoa puffs, a huge piece of space rock from the moon is hurdling towards Earth and Five zaps his family out of harms way and into the past with the intention of preventing them from being killed along with the rest of world. As we know, Five hasn’t got the greatest track record and

As we’ve seen in season 1, Five’s time-travel skills have never been flawless — previously accidentally getting himself stuck in a post apocalyptic future for many years before coming back to 2019 as a child where his siblings have all become adults. This time Five somehow managed to take himself and his family to Dallas, Texas in the early 60s – each one having been dropped off on their own in a different year. Five witnesses a Nuclear War break out before zapping himself out again knowing that he’s only got 1 week to get the team back together and hopefully fix what’s gone wrong once and for all.

Each of the siblings are now stranded in the 60s and they now have to navigate the world on their own. Klaus(accompanied by Ben’s spirit) is basically a leader of a cult – some of the best comedic moments happen between these 2, Diego decides he’s going to save President Kennedy and is eventually tossed into a mental institution for stalking Lee Harvey Oswald, Luther is a bouncer and pit fighter for a nightclub owner. Allison, who had no ability to speak at the end of last season thanks to Vanya, is now married to an activist after walking into a restaurant looking for help after arriving only to be met with a “Whites Only” sign and some very rude patrons and Vanya has complete and total amnesia.

Season 1, in my opinion was really just the set up episode for Season 2. It starts off with a bang and it’s just a real pleasure to watch episode after episode. I watched the season twice as I’ve had it a few weeks now and it’s a wonder how some of the racial issues that Allison was forced to deal with are so in tune with what’s been happening this summer. Each character really brings a new dimension to who they are as people this season and I personally think that each of was years stronger this time around. Each one has their own story of growth during this season and I think that Klaus’ growth as a person is the best arc of them all. He’s such an awesome character and I really just love every scene he’s in.

Prepare for some twists and turns – Umbrella Academy delivers one hell of a punch. There is no doubt that Netflix considers this to be one of their tent pole series’ and it shows in droves.

Umbrella Academy Season 2 time travels to Netflix Friday July 31

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