Transference Review – Playstation 4/PSVR

It’s taken me longer than I had hoped to get this review done because Transference was a tough one for me to play. Not because of the content or subject matter but purely because I have 2 small kids and it took almost no time at all for me to come to the realization that this game is probably not going to be OK for my kids to see so my window of opportunity to dive in has been small on a daily basis but I’m happy to say I’ve finally done what I need to do. As always I will do my absolute best to avoid spoilers as this is a game/story you should experience with little to know knowledge of the story.

Transference puts the player in first person perspective as they explore an apartment building collecting clues and solving puzzles all in the name of opening up the next piece of the story. You’ll be looking/listening for puzzles or clues in a picture perfect home and the next thing you know, a flip of a light switch and you’re in the same room only there’s something more insidious and darker.

The atmosphere in Transference is incredible. I played Transference on the PSVR and immediately I knew I was stepping into something pretty awesome from a visual and audio standpoint. Instantly my hands began to sweat and I could tell my Spidey sense was about to go into overdrive. Simply put, the graphics are beautiful and the mix between in game graphics and live action scenes felt a bit like a throwback to old puzzle games from my youth and I felt right at home here. The sound engineering and design in Transference is without a shadow of doubt some of the best I’ve ever experienced in a VR game. Without the masterful sound design, I’m quite sure this game would have had felt very different and have had much less an impact on my experience.

I will say that it requires the use of the dual shock 4 controller as opposed to the PS Move wands. The movement within the game does tend to feel a bit on the sluggish side. It’s not the end of the world because the world itself isn’t all that large but there were more than a few times I felt as though I needed to move quicker.

The game all in all was an outstanding experience but from start to finish it took me a shade over 2hrs to complete. When it was all over, I was a little mad because I really just wanted to experience more. I didn’t get all of the collectibles but now that I’ve experienced the games narrative, I probably won’t feel the need to go back in again for a while. I’m hopeful that changes with an announcement of more coming down the pipeline. Transference was a great VR experience and I strongly recommend anyone who loves a good story and/or horror title to jump in and thank me later.

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