The Division: Warlords of New York Review

As a fan of the Division 2, I played it a lot when it came out. In fact I think it was the only game I played for a good 2 months but eventually I got ready to move on and do other things. I haven’t played Division 2 probably since late summer 2019 so when the opportunity popped up to play the latest expansion Warlords of New York, I was more than a little excited about getting back.

The Division 2: Warlords of New York takes us back to the streets of New York where rogue agent, Aaron Keener along with four other rogues, have taken over lower Manhattan. Keener’s plan is to prevent efforts of restoring normalcy to the City and rule the lands.

In order to stop Keener, gamers will need to hunt down and take out his four rogue agents who have each established dominion over different areas of the city. The missions are quite large and the locales varied. The level of detail is quite impressive in the Division games and Warlords of New York is no exception to that. Each rogue agent will need to be hunted down by going to various locations gaining more knowledge of where to find each one. They’d peppered in a few puzzles of sorts where you’ll need to seek out the fuse box and shoot it to open a door. Once you’ve completed the necessary actions, the option to go after each boss will open up and buckle up ladies and gentlemen. You’re going to be in for a wild and entertaining ride.

The four rogue agent targets each has his/her own unique weapons and abilities never before seen in the series. One example is an agent who moves around between different points of the level opening a window and you need to figure out which one is actually him and not a holograph. He was rather troublesome for my friends and I but the feeling of satisfaction once we completed the mission was great. I think the boss battles really were standout moments for me.

As far as notable changes go, the leveling system has received an overhaul. Now gear has a standard level type to coincide with the gamer as they progress. Level 40 being the top end. You’ll still continue to earn XP though. You can also remove attributes from different pieces of gear and store them in the re-calibration library. You’ll then be able to apply these attributes to your own gear and customize things to your own liking. After you complete the missions, you’ll begin to level up in a new way by applying points to specific attributes on your character making them even more formidable on more difficult playthroughs.

I had a great time with Warlords of New York and I expect that anyone who has played The Division 2 will as well.

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