Teddy Bear-Ripping Dead Rising 4 Cinematic Trailer Is Haunting

Dead Rising 4 new Black Friday cinematic trailer dropped today showing off the beginning of the game’s story.

Fans are Hyped to return to where it all began in Dead Rising 4. Well I know I am, As seen in the trailer Frank West returns in the cinematic trailer.

The trailer gives fans a good view of the town of Willamette. It seems that we are going back to Beginning. Surely it will be fun & eventful for the Dead Rising community.

Watching the trailer give you a good look at the mall and the ill-timed Black Friday sale that led to the outbreak.

We see people fighting over teddy bears. Getting in Crazy brawls. You know the typical holiday spirit all of a sudden zombies pop up right on black Friday and our adventure begins.

The game will take place during the holidays, expect to see a lot of colorful Christmas decorations and themed weapons.

Dead Rising 4 will release on December 6th, 2016 only on Xbox One and Play Anywhere program and later on PS4

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