Sextuplets Review

Sextuplets is the latest comedy from Marlon Wayans who plays all 6 roles. It tells the story of a soon-to-be father names Alan who has a bit of a complex surrounding the fact that he was adopted and doesn’t know who his family is. He’s then led to have a conversation with his father in law, who happens to be a judge, for assistance in opening up the docs surrounding his birth. It’s there that he learns that he’s not alone and he sets out on a mission to meet his long lost family. His search brings him to his mother’s address where he meets the ultra nerdy, sugar cereal loving, incredibly obese Russel (easily my favorite character) and they come to the realization that there are 4 other siblings out there in the world. We’ve all seen this story before.

While the movie isn’t one of those brilliant comedies that will have you busting a gut, it’s got some decent chuckles. My favorite was the slow motion scene when they’re racing away from a charging bull. It’s a tough task filling in so many roles and I thought that Marlon did an admirable job of creating each of these unique characters. The makeup and rubber suits are quite good too. In my opinion, I think that Marlon’s best work is the Scary Movie series so I was surprised to see the movie rated in a mostly family friendly TV-14 and not so much of the raunchy outlandish roles he’s been known for in the past.

Sextuplets isn’t going to be considered a classic family comedy but it is a fun and decent viewing for a Friday night or rainy Sunday afternoon. I would like to see Marlon get back to his roots though. I’m hopeful he can get his In Living Color roots together for his next film. I think that’s when he really shines.

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