New Star Wars Battlefront 2 Single Player Trailer

Wow. What a great looking trailer. I actually had goosebumps when watching this trailer as it gives us a look into events that take place pretty well directly AFTER the destruction of the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi. This is the campaign we were all asking/jonesing for 2 years ago when Star Wars Battlefront came out and thank you EA for listening. This looks nothing short of spectacular.

Ignite the inferno and burn the Rebellion to the ground in Star Wars Battlefront 2’s single-player campaign. Take on the role of Commander Iden Versio in a story following the destruction of the Death Star II and the death of the Emperor.

Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

Release Date: November 17, 2017

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