Massive Pokemon GO Update Coming Soon


All new Pokemon Go update coming soon:

There is no question about it that Pokemon Go is still one of the best mobile gaming app out. Pokemon is still continuing to break records.

the studio is working on a massive Pokemon Go update which is believed to change the game forever. The update is said to have better connections over long distances.

Color based in came connections 

The color-based connections in the upcoming  update will introduce commander ship. Basically certain player or groups will take cover of a particular area. With the arrival of color scheme, it is likely that their will be a new mapping system that will be introduced.

New Legendary Pokemon

Apart from this exciting news, their is also new arrival of Legendary Pokemon that are believed to be included.

The Pokemon go update will not just make the Legendaries available right then and there. That’s because a mission system is said need to be carry out before hand.

Players are said to undergo a series of missions in which when they are successful, Then tell you where about’s the creatures are located. These Pokemon will be given to players soon after a mission is complete. Either way it looks to be an exciting update for the game.

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