Gamescom 2017 Xbox Show: Trailer and News Round Up

I’ve been so excited for today’s Gamescom that I woke up early today thinking I had a press conference to watch. I was wrong by about 5 hours. Oh well. The hype was real and I went on my merry way and jumped into a few other games.

The show today was quite good. We got what we expected and even a few small surprises mixed in for good measure as well.

Today, Xbox unveiled a special day one Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition designed for fans who want to be the first to experience the console – and it’s available for pre-order now for $499 USD/$649CAD. Get em while they’re HOT HOT HOT!

Assassin’s Creed: Origins is one of the games I’m super pumped about. It’s one of those franchises I just can’t get enough of, got another trailer today and it looked awesome

A surprising new game that caught me way off guard was Jurassic World Evolution. Basically it looks like a fun new spin on the Zoo Tycoon style of game where you get to build your own Jurassic World park and it’s coming Summer 2018. This is one I’ll be keeping a very close eye on.

ReCore Definitive Edition: Will include enhanced visuals, such as increased resolution and HDR support. It will also include a new adventure and the T8-NK Corebot which joins Joule, Mack, Seth, Duncan and Violet as they explore the new environments and dungeons while battling the Obsidian Cult.

The game will sell for $20, but it’s free for current owners and members of Xbox Game Pass as an Xbox Play Anywhere game for both Windows 10 PC and Xbox One.

World of Tanks is a massive worldwide success. It’s one of those games I really feel I never gave a full fair shake and aim to rectify that. Later this year it’s getting an overhaul and is poised to deliver 4K gaming goodness on the Xbox One X when the console debuts on November 7, 2017.

Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Console: Now I’m not big fan of Minecraft – but my oldest daughter is and honestly – this is wihtout a doubt the coolest looking special edition Xbox I’ve seen to date. The first look at the Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle (1TB)! Featuring a custom designed grass block console, iconic green Creeper controller and Minecraft system sounds! Also included is a full game download of Minecraft, unique Minecraft skins, sounds, textures, and much, much more!

Some most honorable things to also take note of is Player Unknown’s Battleground, otherwise known as PUBG is still slated for a 2017 release and will now be publishing it. Microsoft continues to update its list of existing and upcoming games that will receive free updates to take advantage of the Xbox One X and its more powerful specs. Speaking of the more powerful specs, Microsoft also trotted out and announced a growing list of about 100 titles that are getting the Xbox One X enhancement treatment. the full list can be found here.

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