Far Cry 5 Reveal Trailer and Release Date

As promised, this morning Ubisoft removed the veil on Far Cry 5 and.. well… in today’s politically charged climate, it’s sure to make some waves and turn some heads as it touches on a slightly augmented version of today set in modern day Montana USA , a first for the series. You see it’s not the setting that’s going to garner so much attention as it’s antagonist is. A religious cult which has seized the entire county Hope, Montana which draws some similarities to other places in the world which are beginning to see a dramatic shift to religions and ideals in urban areas that isn’t necessarily sitting well with some people.

Without going into where my head is at with this topic, check out the trailer below.

Far Cry 5 will launch on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Project Scorpio with a release date of Feb. 27, 2018.


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