CineLinx Launches a Mobile Card Game for Movie Lovers

Think you know a lot about movies? Are your friends always asking how you know so much useless information about TV and Movies? Feel as though your superpowers are wasted on your friends? Our good friends at Cinelinx have launched Cinelinx Mobile for people like you.

The basics of the game remain the same is to make connections between movies (Think 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon),
actors, genres, and more in order to score the most points. On top of testing your knowledge against fellow movie buffs in the  multiplayer version, you can also battle the clock in our single player version. The move to mobile enabled us to add some more fun features to the game as well:
• Single Player Games -­ Quick games against the computer allows you to hone your skills & strategies.
• Mutliplayer Games -­ Play with movie buffs around the world, or connect directly with your friends to see who’s the movie master.
• Chat -­ Discuss moves with your fellow movie buffs.
• New Gameplay Options -­ If you’re stuck, Action Reels can get you out of a jam with Swaps, Assists, or Wild Cards.
• Expand Your Game – Purchase additional decks and expand your deck to suit your taste in movies.
• Achievements and Badges – The more you play, score, and win, the more unlockables you can earn. Including swaps, assists, wild cards, and mini-­decks.
• Create an account to track your progress and challenge friends via username.

Cinelinx is now available, for free, on iOS and Android devices, so get to making those connections and share your love of movies with everyone!

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