Christmas Shopping Guide 2018 – Xbox

It’s that time of year again. The time when you start to turn your attention to the season of giving and I’m here to help. All week we’re going to post a series of articles detailing some great gift ideas for you to consider getting for the gamer/geek in your life. Let’s get right to it with our first post for the Xbox gamer in your life. Tune in tomorrow to get a glimpse of our Playstation Shoppers guide.

Xbox Game Pass Subscription

Don’t know what Game Pass is? Allow me a moment to educate you. You like Netflix right? So do we. We love Netflix actually and the gamer in your life is sure to love Game Pass because it’s basically Netflix for the Xbox. For just $9.99 a month Xbox Game Pass delivers a wide variety of over 100 games at no extra charge. You read that right. NO EXTRA CHARGE and they’re continually adding new content to the service. It even includes the recently released Forza Horizon 4 which we, and others, think is easily the very best racing game ever made to date.

Turtle Beach Headset

I love me a solid headset and nobody makes a headset with as much value as the people at Turtle Beach. If you’re gamer is looking for a new headset and they want the very best, the Elite Pro 2 is the best. The sound coming out of this headset is crystal clear and they can use their phone to customize their sound profiles for their favorite games. They are a premium product so expect to pay a premium price of $329.99 but they’re sure to be the last headset they’ll ever need for years to come. If $329.99 is a little out of your range, I’d recommend you take a look at the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 or 700s. They’re considerably less at $129.99 and $199.99 respectively. The 600s are a wired headset and the 700s are the same but with wireless capability.

The Hyperkin Duke Controller

I’m an OG Xbox gamer. I go way back with big green and I was simply tickled to see that Hyperkin was gearing up to re-release the Duke for the Xbox One. The nostalgic feels got me all gushy when I first saw it and if your gamer used to play on the original Xbox back in 2001, chances are they will too. At a price of just $84.99 this is a winner.

External Hard Drive

Chances are the gamer you have in mind has had to uninstall games just to make room for a new title. The Seagate Game Pass 4TB Game Drive is the perfect solution to that dilema. They’ll be able to install roughly 75-100 games on this drive and all they have to do is plug it into the USB port on the Xbox for just $169.99. If it’s in the budget for you to bump up a bit, I recommend spending an extra $60 and picking up the Seagame 8TGB Game drive Hub. It’s twice the capacity but it also has the added benefit of giving 2 more front mounted USB ports which I’ve found to be highly helpful.

Energizer Controller Charge Station

Wireless controllers all use batteries and the batteries ALWAYS run out on you when you’re in the middle of an intense gaming session. That doesn’t have to be the case you know. Why have stacks of batteries laying around when for just $34.99 you can get a base station and 2 battery packs. Finished with your game just place the controller on the stand and it does the rest. It’s an absolute no brainer in my opinion.

Xbox One X

Has your Xbox gamer gotten themselves a new 4K TV recently? Are they still playing on their launch day console or maybe their Xbox One S console? If you’re not too concerned about the money, maybe it’s time to help them get the most out of their 4K TV and get them the most powerful gaming console ever created. The Xbox One X is a full 4K gaming console designed from the ground up to deliver the best 4K gaming experience. I’ve seen it get a bit of a price cut recently and you can find them for $549.99.

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