Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Review

Last week, I had a special delivery from our friends at Turtle Beach. The brand spanking new Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + Superamp dropped right on my front doorstep and .. WOW!
It’s no surprise I’m a huge fan of the Turtle Beach product. I’ve been a customer of theirs for years and not a single one of them has ever quit on me. They just have a very high quality product and the Elite Pro 2 + Superamp is no exception.

Surprisingly, you’ll see that the Elite Pro 2 + Superamp is not a wireless headset. I know that may turn some people off and to be totally fair, I hear you. I, myself had a sort of snotty moment where I thought “Why would you do that? What a mistake.” But, in the end it really didn’t make much of a difference to me. In fact, the only time I noticed that I had a cable hanging down from my headset was when I was fumbling for the switch on the wire. Personally I’d much rather the mute was tied to the positioning of the microphone the same way it’s handled on the Stealth series. I was a little concerned that the Elite Pro 2 + Superamp was more geared to those of us who stream and site close to their consoles but luckily they thought of us couch dwellers and provided more than a enough cable and slack. The headset connects to your console by way of a fairly long cable from the side of the headset which connects to the Superamp module. From there you have another roughly 10-12ft USB cable that connects directly to your console (in this case the Xbox One X).

So what is the “Superamp”? Quite simply, it’s your master volume control, bluetooth module and your amplifier. From there you’ll want to make sure you have the Turtle Beach Audio Hub application installed. This is where you’re going to make adjustments to the sound and mic monitoring. You can also pick from a predetermined series of presets(ie: Battle Royale, FPS) that automatically set you up with the best sound for that specific game type. There’s also a super human hearing switch you can flip on to help amplify the sounds of footsteps.

This headset just feel like a high end high quality product. From the moment you open the box to the first time you place them on your head you know right away that you’ve just picked up the Bentley of headsets. The ear cushions, which by the way feels like 2 glorious noise cancelling pillows on your head are attached via a handful of small yet powerful magnets meaning if you wear out the cushions, not to worry they got you covered. The large 50mm “Nanoclear” speakers provide absolutely incredibly clean and immersive surround sound  For example, when playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the ambient sounds of the jungle really stood out and delivered a nicer overall experience and is also compatible Windows Sonic for Headphones and Dolby Atmos.

Without a doubt, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headset is a stunning and well put together piece of hardware. At a price of $249 USD it may seem a little steep for the average consumer but it would be money well spent especially if you demand the best sound for your gaming.

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