Telltale Games Announces What’s Next

This morning Telltale Games gave us an update to what they’ve been working on and what we can look forward to over the next little while and it was a supremely fantastic update that’s got me all kinds of excited.

For starters, Season 2 of Batman titles Batman: The Enemy Within was unveiled with the first episode coming out as soon as August 8th. Next they announced that there was a new season for The Walking Dead coming but as the title suggests, it has been said that it will be the last season and that has me a little worried about what’s going to happen to our beloved Clem. It’s said that this will be all about Clem and who she decides to become but that still doesn’t fill me with much hope for how it all plays out for her. The Walking Dead: The Final Season is coming sometime in 2018. And lastly It brings me great pleasure to say that FINALLY – We’re getting another season for The Wolf Among Us! SO EXCITED! Bigby is coming back in 2018.

Check out the fantastic announcement video for the above games below.

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