Super Lucky’s Tale Review – Xbox One X

As one of the lucky people to be chosen to receive an early Xbox One X console for review purposes, I was also gifted a handful of games and one of those games just happened to be Super Lucky’s Tale. As one of the games that really grabbed my interest earlier this year I couldn’t wait to dive in.

Super Lucky’s Tale is the sequel to Lucky’s Tale, a game that originally came out for Oculus Rift back in 2016 to fairly mixed reviews. Super Lucky’s tale is a family friendly platformer that follows Lucky as he travels to colorful worlds in his quest to liberate the inhabitants from the villainous feline magician, Pappa Jinx and his children who call themselves the “Kitty Litter”.

The graphics in Super Lucky’s Tale are very bright, clean and cartoony. Exactly the type of thing you want to see out of a game like this. They animations are crisp. I really have nothing else to say. They really nailed it. As a 3d platformer you’d expect to have fill reign over the camera but funnily enough you don’t. You actually can really only turn the camera angle 2 or 3 clicks left and right which may cause a little grief for some gamers and kids especially while they jump on enemies.

The game plays out like any typical platformers. Each world is split up into different stages with various challenges to complete which in turn will award players with clovers. collect enough clovers and you can open up other stages leading up to a boss battle and eventually making your way to the next level. Each stage has 4 challenges to earn clovers. The standard finish the level, collect the right amount of coins, find the hidden level with it’s own challenge and finding the timed puzzle which usually only consists of collecting the right amount of colored coins. Rinse repeat. After each level the coins collected are collected into a pool. What is the pool for? Nothing. I expected it to open up a store to buy extra lives, or power ups but they’re really just there for looks. A bit of a missed opportunity that perhaps they’ll address in a future title or DLC.

Some of the more seasoned gamers should make short work out of this in just a few hours and some may even feel like it’s a bit too repetitive but the little tiring but the level designs are fun and provide enough of a challenge for most people to keep them coming back and learning where everything is to earn those clovers. I played this with my 8yr old daughter and what really got me was just how much fun we were having. The smile on her face from start to finish was the sort of thing that I feel kids need. Yea games like Minecraft or Roblox are fun but I never see her face light up the same way it did with Super Lucky’s Tale. Further more, I think Lucky just might have the potential to be one of those more family system mascots like is for Sonic for Sega or Mario to Nintendo.

I had a great time with Lucky and I think most people probably will too. Especially those of you with smaller kids who are really just starting to get into console gaming.

Super Lucky’s Tale launches on Xbox One and Xbox One X November 7th 2017

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