Introducing the Canadian Geekcast

Hey everyone – I finally found an amazing crew to put together some fantastic conversations with. We’re calling ourselves the Canadian Geekcast and we’re going to talk about any and all things some may consider “Geeky”. The topics will primarily focus on gaming, film and TV but we may stray off topic a little here and there. I would also recommend you follow the official CanadianGeekCST twitter feed and also check in on my cohosts. Steve, Steph, Matt and Dennis… Also.. follow me too. Check it out right here! Episode 1

In this premiere episode of The Canadian Geekcast, our hosts Matt, Josh, Dennis, Steph and Steve discuss EGLX which took place last week in Toronto, The March Nintendo Direct as well as the video game releases for the week of March 18-24.

Recorded: Sunday March 18th, 2018


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