Forza Horizon 3 Demo Review & Features


As we all know the demo only dropped a few days ago, So lets get straight into it.

The game is set in Australia with over 350 of the world’s greatest cars, music and freedom of the open road. Its up to  you get there

There’s a story holding up the whole thing in which you are the boss of a giant racing festival. You get to make executive choices about hiring drivers and staging events, but mostly, you get to race in the events. The aim is for you to be horizon festive champion & make you’re way to the top.

The cars look gorgeous and they feel more powerful from the last forza. Also the cars you see driving in the demo give you some clues as to what the customise shop has to offer. In terms of vehicles, terrain, tracks, music and even characters Its looking pretty nice.

you can go from driving through to city to rallying through the rain forest. Also you don’t have to be a white dude. In the demo you can choose what you want you’re characters name to be. Choose from a selected amount of characters looks, but looks like they will be more choose in the full game.

This map is much larger than in the last game and once again features secret barns where you can find new drives. If you don’t really want to drive around every last corner of the game. You can make use of a drone to explore the map without driving. But who would want to do that its a driving game.

It’s clear that the game is designed to keep players busy, and that’s even before multiplayer modes that include four-player online co-op as well as plans for online challenges with prizes.

They where a few nice touches to this demo. I like how the added online to the demo which was surprising so that you could get a feel to what its like to explore with other players from the forza community.

I had a lot of fun playing the demo. It looks great, feels good and give out a fun vibe. If you’re one of the many people looking forward to this game, based on its early stages and the demo. I’d say you’ve good reason to get you’re hands  on a copy.

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