Everspace Review (Xbox One)

Everspace is a new sci-fi space shooter epic from German game developer, Rockfish Games which got its start as a Kickstarter campaign.

The game sets players in the shoes of Adam Roslin’s clone(s) who also happens to have a severe case of amnesia. While progressing through the game, you’ll begin to unwrap pieces of your past through flashbacks. Soon after the game’s setting is revealed, the player is throw out to the expanses of space and into a tutorial teaching you about the intricacies of Everspace.

Each stage has multiple sectors and paths to reach all leading to dungeon style levels of space. I say dungeon style because there’s no other real way to explain it. Each level is this massive area of space filled with asteroids, drones, treasure chest like capsules with ship upgrades, alien fighters and a plethora of other events to investigate/explore. While exploring each level, be on the lookout for mining/resource opportunities as It’s all very rewarding feeling and lots of fun to do.

Graphically – this game is nothing short of spectacular. I just loved everything they showed me in this game. Space is just downright gorgeous there’s really nothing more I can say. Top freaking notch visuals in this game. I loved the the randomly generated sectors of space and felt as though I was really exploring space throughout.

The space combat is equally incredible. Flying and engaging in combat is fluid and just feels natural and comfortable. One of the things I felt was really well done was the AI on the enemy fighters. They feel to me that the AI is challenging just challenging enough to keep your hands sweating but not feel so over powered you want to smash your controller. They also evolve as your skills/ship do in the game keeping them right in line with the player. Another job very well done.

To call this game a sci-fi space shooter feels like a bit of a disservice. I almost want to call it a spaceship RPG due to the customization, mining and battles. Perhaps I’m dumbing it down too much with that assessment but I seriously can’t think of any other way to categorize Everspace. There’s a wealth of resources to manage and mine while exploring the vast expanses of space. Your fuel stores determine how many warp points you can safely travel through but it’s not all that easy to find so don’t expect to just bounce from one warp point to the other to expedite your game. It won’t work like that. Nanobots repair functions of your ship that become non-functional when you take damage. Secondary weapons are limited in their use and other mine-able items such as ore, gas and crystals are used to build and upgrade weapons and other helpful items.

Sadly, all those items and upgrades are lost when you die which reminds me. Prepare to die. A LOT! When you die, you start over at the beginning without all those glorious ship upgrades but all the cash you find will come with you. It’s a bit of a drag but all that money can be used to buy permanent upgrades for your ships which is vital to your overall success.

If you’re itching for a space sim with absolutely stunning graphics and tight controls, Everspace is 100% something you should jump on.

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