Dive into a dark and dangerous world full of INSIDE.

Despair oppression and yet still a little bit of hope.

Guide a lost young boy through puzzles and gorgeous environments as he searches for safety and purpose.

The game provides a deeply meaningful story and is complimented by philosophical lessons up for perspective and interpretation by all players.

Inside is a parallax-side-scrolling game, found on a dark story about a young boy as his ill fate reaches depths only seen by few Around every corner is a puzzle.

Death-defying encounter that will keep you on the edge of your seat and maybe even jumping with panic.

We at pixel cereal think the game was designed to play out a story.

The story can be easily understood with its beautiful game play and looks, but the deeper meaning within the game is completely left up to you to interpret.

Some people may think it’s about freedom, or life, and others maybe leadership.

The game is available on PSN Store & Xbox Live store & also Steam. $19.99




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