Current State of Destiny 2 and Some Ideas How to Fix it

It’s been almost 2 full months that us Guardians have been back saving the earth from the Hive, Vex, Fallen and Cabals, and while the story, music and gameplay are steps ahead of Destiny 1, there have been some members of the community who have been very vocal about the fact that the grind has gotten quite stale faster then in Destiny 1. It seems that in mid-September the active population was around 3.5 million players across all systems( minus PC as it hadn’t launched at that time), but the current population has been steadily decreasing since the beginning of October.

From this humble guardians perspective this has been caused by various factors.

1. Faction Rally Rewards: When the first faction rally launched back at the end of September, where you can choose to pledge your allegiance to one of the three factions( Dead Orbit, Future War Cult and New Monarchy) and complete activities to get tokens to turn in.

It turned out that when all was said and done, Dead Orbit won. Dead Orbit is widely considered to be the Emo Goths of Destiny 2 and it seemed that more people pledged to them to get the Black and White shader rather then going for the better weapon reward, which was the reward for Future War Cult winning. Now even with Future War not winning you could still buy their weapon, but it would cost you half of your glimmer( your in game currency).

2. The First Destiny 2 Iron Banner: PVP and Maps were top quality just like we’re all used to in regular Destiny PVP matches. The problem with Destiny is now the rewards were handled. Just like all Destiny 2 rewards that you purchase from vendors, you need to grind tokens, which are earned through the matches and quests. Also like regular vendors, you are given and Iron Banner Engram that has a chance to give you a piece of Armour or a Weapon. What my gaming clan and I were finding, is we would collect 5 to 10 of these engrams and get the exact same reward each time (this also happens with the Raid Vendor).

if you want a full set of samurai Iron banner gear, it could possibly take you all week with just one of your characters. Which would leave little to no time to get your other characters geared up. This was a huge change and shock to most as in Destiny 1 if you didn’t get the pieces you wanted in the PVP Matches themselves then you would be reputation ranked high enough you could buy the pieces with your glimmer if you wanted to.

3. The Raid – Regular and Hard Mode: First off I want to say the Leviathan raid is the second best raid that Bungie has put together, right behind Vault of Glass ( the First Destiny 1 raid ). it is very mechanically based raid that requires lots of movement and coordination between your fireteam, rather than the bosses just being bullet sponges. This is fantastic because it causes your raid team to work together( Which is good cause Destiny is a social game) and it doesn’t rely on cheap gimmicks. Now the Downsides are that the bosses no longer really drop gear. The odd time you might walk out with one or two pieces of raid gear – Weapons or Armour, but mostly you will walk out with just purple Engrams and raid reputation tokens to turn in, and while you have a chance to get the gear you need from the vendor, the same problem happens as with Iron Banner. You quite often get the same piece each time. I once walked out with 3 of the raid Pulse rifle, all the same stats. Why bother doing the raid after one or two times for a chance to get the same piece again and again?

Now Hard mode launched October 18th a 1pm Est, it was beaten in under 2 hours. As a veteran of the series who loves raiding, this is painfully shorty short compared to previous raids. We also heard and found out by groups completing it that there was no real incentive to complete as the rewards were only a different shader and new emblem. Destiny 1 raids had different weapons per each raid, and if you had the full set you got bonuses that would help your future raids. This has been removed in Destiny 2.

4. Been There Done That: Once all this has been done, what’s there left to do? Nothing unless you want to play through the same old patrols and weekly quests.

5. Where’s the Halloween Event?: They didn’t bring back the Halloween event, Festival of the Lost this year. It has been there for the last 2 years, but it seems that ether they were too busy getting ready for the PC launch or just  wasn’t important at the time. This did frustrate a lot of die hard Destiny 1 fans and players.

Now the good news is that it appears that they have heard loud and clear some of these complaints and are working towards fixing them. In the weekly This Week at Bungie for 10/26/2017 it was stated that Game director Christopher Barrett, ( previously worked on House of Wolves and Rise of Iron DLC for Destiny 1 – which were huge improvements to the base game ) is working hard on making changes and where the game is headed next.

  • New systems and rewards to give our most engaged players additional, optional pursuits.
  • Better incentives for players who complete challenging Prestige activities.
  • Better rewards and replay value for strikes, adventures, and Lost Sectors.
  • Private matches for the competitive community (we are targeting early 2018).
  • Crucible tuning like adjusted Supremacy scoring and better spawning rules.
  • Better incentives for completing Crucible matches (and penalties for quitting competitive games).
  • Continued improvements to Iron Banner and Faction Rallies, including uniqueness of rewards.
  • Changes to make the mod economy more interesting and impactful.
  • Ongoing improvements to Exotics, including adjustments to reduce instances of duplication.
  • New ways to spend surplus currency and materials (looking at you Legendary Shards).
  • An emote interface that allows players to equip Salty, Spicy Ramen, Six Shooter, and Flip Out all at the same time.


These improvements should be able to help breathe live back into this awesome space first person shooter, just hopefully it is before the first DLC launch on December 5th.

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  1. Diggie says:

    How about just bringing back all the original maps and the ability to play 6v6 again. At least for those maps. I don’t even need my old weapons.

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