Lost without Light – Destiny 2 Review

Welcome back Guardians.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been 3 years since the smash hit Destiny from Halo creators Bungie crash landed into our lives but it has. Despite some of the initial issues the first game had, there’s no denying just how popular the Space MMOFPS franchise is. Has Bungie taken any of the initial criticism to heart? Read on and find out.

Just like the first game, Destiny 2 is a science-fiction first person shooter with role playing games and MMO elements within and puts players back in the role of a Guardian. There still 3 Guardians to choose from. Warlock, Hunter and Titan. Without giving away too much of the story, Destiny 2 takes place after the events which shaped the first game in the series where the powerful Guardians are stripped of their light by Ghaul and his red legion who have come to wipe out all life on Earth.

Taking strong criticism in the way by which Bungie told the story of Destiny 1, Bungie has decided that the former Girmoire cards were to be removed and replaced with a fully formed campaign. The first mission is the exactly the same as what was presented in the beta so to most this shouldn’t be a spoiler but the second you get past the tutorial missions you know you’re in for something special that looks and feels familiar yet so different at the same time. The campaign will take roughly 10-15 hours if you opt to skip over side missions. The story was great and features some incredible voice acting from the very talented  Nathan Fillion as Cyade-6, Gina Torres as Ikora and Lance Reddick as Commander Zavala. What would an epic tale be with out an equally amazing soundtrack? Dead and thankfully this game is not dead by any stretch. The music and sound editing is simply spectacular and do well to keep the player fully engaged and as well evokes a great deal of emotion especially in the 2nd and 3rd acts.

If you’re like me and most other Guardians out there, you will notice while grinding through the campaign is there is no shortage of things to see and do. One of the things I love about this series is you can do as much or as little of those side missions as you want. They let you play the way that suits your style best. Feel like jumping into just public events until you hit level 20? Do it.  Patrols, PVP, and later Strikes? That’s all good too. One of my favorite things to do has always been to just chill out in the tower with other Guardians and dance like no one is watching. It’s clearly not just me who loves to cut a virtual rug, Bungie even used it in the Japanese launch trailer(Seen below).

Destiny 2 features the same three character classes of the original Destiny; and each class has their own specific upgrades, perks, special abilities, and two sub-classes that allow Guardians tune their individual characters to a play style that works best for their style of gameplay. After choosing a class, players select one of three species for their character: Human, Awoken (bluish-gray-skinned descendants of Humans), or Exo (humanoid machines). They can then customize their character, such as changing its gender or skin color. A character’s species is only cosmetic and does not affect gameplay. Players can create two more characters to have a character of each class

  • Hunters access the Solar-based “Gunslinger” sub-class of the original, the “Golden Gun” super, and Void-based “Nightstalker” sub-class with its “Shadowshot” super, have undergone incredible changes since the first one. The new sub-class for Destiny 2 is the Arc-based “Arcstrider” which replaces the “Bladedancer” sub-class of the original. Arcstrider has a super attack that focuses on an electrified staff and rapid movement.
  • Warlocks have the Void-based “Voidwalker” sub-class of the original, the “Nova Bomb” super, and the Arc-based “Stormcaller” sub-class, with its “Stormtrance” super. The Warlock’s new sub-class for Destiny 2 replaces the Sunsinger sub-class with “Dawnblade” a super called “Daybreak”. The Daybreak super allows the player to make Solar Light blades to strike enemies from mid-air, similar to the Titan’s “Sunbreaker”
  • Titans still have the Arc-based “Striker” sub-class and its “Fists of Havoc” super and the Solar-based “Sunbreaker” with its “Hammer of Sol” super.  The Titan’s new sub-class is the Void-based “Sentinel”, which replaces “Defender”. Sentinel’s super allows the player to summon a shield that can block enemy fire and can be used to bring the attack to the baddies.

The UI and the inventory/Vault management system received a significant overhaul since the original. I found it to be much more user friendly and fluid.  Notably, accessing shared inventory between all classes without having to make your way to the vault is a huge and welcome improvement. The Vault will also keep all your past exotics, so you no longer need to go to a vendor to access them.

The biggest improvement for me is just the overall navigation of the game. Gone are the days of leaving the Tower, sitting at  aloading screen then jumping into orbit to select a different destination and then sit at another loading screen. The process is dirt easy – Open your Milestones and press over and you see Destinations. From there you see all the planets and all the landing locations. It is literally that easy. You also can fast travel through the same menu, to different points on the same planet and can get over there super fast.

Controls, are pretty standard for FPS, and the game controls the same as Destiny 1 which is just fine with me because in my opinion one of the shining features from the first game was just how silky smooth and precise it is and how seamless it is to use your supers, and grenades are all right where you left them. Same as your Emotes and Sparrow controls.

My biggest issue experienced so has been due to server overload. The game is huge and the fan base is feverish so it’s no surprise that there’s been some hiccups at this early stage in the release. Because of the loaded servers, people may find themselves kicked back to orbit due to inactivity much faster than usual but this is to ensure there is enough room for all in each server.

So gather up your fireteam, pack your Ghost and hop onto your sparrow for some awesome fps action and remember as Lord Shaxx says –  If an enemy defeats you, hold tight. Your ally may be close.

Reaper review score 9 scythes out of 10

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