Lost in Space Season 2 Review

It’s been a long time since we last saw the Robinsons whisked away to a new system and they lost their robot friend. Season 1 introduced us to a family divided that found it’s way back to one another by the end and now several months have passed passed and we find the Robinsons surviving and working together on a hostile water planet growing crops and even attempting to trickle charge the Jupiter 2 in an effort to try and find the Resolute. Despite Maureen and John rekindling their relationship and enjoying the family togetherness, they aren’t necessarily in lock step as to what their priorities should be. John is quite content staying where they are whereas Maureen is less excited at the prospect of sitting on her laurels. She doesn’t relish the thought of her children only knowing one another and never having the opportunity to start a family of their own. As any engineer/problem solver would do, she’s been carefully observing, taking notes, calculating and devising a plan to get the Jupiter 2 back in the air.

The formula for the series continues to throw large obstacles at the Robinson’s in an effort to test their ingenuity all while Dr.Smith/June Harris continues her efforts to thwart them in the name of self preservation. I have to say that Parker Posey absolutely dominates in this season. She was great in season 1 but there’s a lot more depth to the character this season and Parker is just so damn good playing the role of a manipulative yet… somehow trying to do the right thing at the same time. She’s clearly a character who is struggling to figure out her place in it all and it’s a real pleasure to watch.

I’m a real big fan of all the cast members in the series. I find they all fit their roles really well. Will is no longer the scared little boy. He’s a much more confident and sure of himself. Penny struggles a bit with her place in the family. Her mother is a brilliant Engineer, Will can communicate with the Robots, her father is a tough military man and Judy is a Doctor. She has a lot of self doubt in herself when she steps back to look at what the other members of her family are like. We even get more Don West which I think is fantastic. His character is great and a lot of fun. Most of the comedic beats come from this lovable smuggler scoundrel (Sounds a bit familiar doesn’t it?).

I found the visuals last season to be extremely beautiful and this season ramps up the visual standard to the next level. There’s one scene in particular in the final episode that just blew me away. We’re still talking AAA high end sci-fi film level quality. An absolute feast for the eyes. I think people are going to absolutely go nuts for the big climactic scenes.

I really liked season 1 of Lost in Space but I think Season 2 ups the ante in every aspect of the term. Right from the drop of the hat, season 2 really gets your heart pumping during the most intense scenes. Lost in Space has really hit it’s stride and I can’t wait to see more. This show is really for everyone. Even my 10yr old daughter is firmly on the Lost in Space fan wagon. You can check out Lost in Space Season 2 when it lands on Netflix December 24th.

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